Kaleidoscope 20

Jesi Khadivi worked on the Winter 2013/2014 issue of Kaleidoscope.

Featuring: An essay on the works of Francesco Vezzoli by Andrea Viliani and an interview by Kevin McGarry; Ella Kruglyanskaya by Chris Sharp; Christian Falsnaes by Raimar Stange; Ned Vena by Mathieu Malouf; Haroon Mirza by Thom O’Nions; Loretta Fahrenholz by Michele D’Aurizio; Writings on the theme #VOICEOVER by Shama Khanna, Pablo Larios, Marie de Brugerolle and Oliver Laric and George Vasey in conversation. Plus contributions from Hans Ulrich Obrist, Carson Chan and Davide Quadrio.


For the publication to the exhibition Right-To-Left by Berlin-based graphic design studio eps51 Jesi Khadivi, Kathleen Reinhardt and textual bikini associate Alicia Reuter translated and edited texts and interviews on graphic design from Iran and the Middle East.

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EYEOUT and abc art contemporary

EYEOUT has been an indispensable mobile gallery guide since it launched back in 2010. This summer, Textual Bikini collaborated with EYEOUT mobile media on German-English translations for a few of their projects. We are pleased to share that EYEOUT will be co-sponsoring a short residency for arts bloggers during abc-art berlin contemporary.

As part of this cooperation, abc and EYEOUT are inviting two bloggers to Berlin to report on abc.They will offer each blogger three nights in the newly opened design hotel MANI. Click here for details.